Black History Month 2024

About Us is the official website for Black History Month, Inc. It records and maintains the stories of those whose heritage is traced to chattel slavery and who identify themselves as Black.

Carter G. Woodson was the inspiration for Black History Month. He saw the need for the care and safe-keeping of the stories of those who were called Negroes, in America. His project was 'Negro History Week.'

As time passed, the word Negro fell out of favor. Colored fell out of use, too. The 1960s demanded a new identity. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Medger Evers were too great for the old labels. A new identity was needed.

In 1966, it was the fight for voting rights, that brought 'Black' into the national spotlight. From that point, Black people had created their own identity. They had a purpose. They had a philosophy. They only needed a shared record of their history. That became Black History Month.

In the 21st century, was formed and organized for the internet generation. It was needed for those who only saw themselves as Black, yet had no place to share, store, and protect their stories.