Black History Month 2023

1866 1867 1868

16 Abraham Lincoln | 17 Andrew Johnson | 18 Ulysses S. Grant

Black Codes Reconstruction Redemption


United States - As whites tried to oppress black Americans after the Slavery War, laws and policies were created to open society to the newly freed.


March 2, 1867 (1)
First Reconstruction Act Passed

Washington, D. C. - Congress passed the Reconstruction Act of 1867. It divided the rebel states into 5 districts of military control.

The military controlled the law and the courts of the states that rebelled, until constitutions were written that followed United States law.

This was an attempt to protect the righs of Black Americans after the defeat of the Confederate slave state. The Act passed over the veto of President Andrew Johnson.


March 2, 1867 (2)
Howard University Founded

Washington D. C. - A gathering of white church members met to create a school for missionaries in the South and Africa. It began as a Seminary.

Later, Major General Oliver Otis Howard was brought into the plan. Howard was known as a christian fundamentalist and was head of the Freedmen's Bureau.

On March 2, 1867, a Charter was approved by Congress. It was signed into law by President Andrew Johnson. This Act created Howard University.

On May 1, 1867, Howard University opened its doors to students. The first students were all white women. Two were daughters of the founders.

The initial reason for the school was to train Black American preachers. However, all were allowed to attend. Over 100,000 freed Black Americans were served by the school.

Howard University is still in operation, as of 2021.